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Welcome to Apparent Pathway

A parental support service that supports parents raising children living with individual differences


What do we do?

We help parents stay empowered whilst navigating through procedural challenges, through one to one monitoring and group workshops.

Finding your own apparent pathway, as a parent.

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How we can help

Fulfilling the goal to guide, provide and protect your child’s growth and wellbeing is at the heart for any parent. 

The support available within our local communities that nurture the needs of children and young people living with individual differences is wonderful. We have professionals and services that work towards cultivating their progression and encourage them to reach their potential.  

However, some of us striving to access these services find ourselves navigating through obstacles, which can turn into a burdensomeness scenario, where we are not willing to avoid. 

It is the feeling of empowerment that is needed and/or a personalised roadmap that determines and ensures that your child needs are represented in alignment with your values as you navigate through the procedural challenges towards their pathway to success. 

“Own your own story, or it owns you”

- Brene Brown
Mother and Child

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