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Working with us

Are you experiencing…

…outcomes that are limited to the prisms of your child’s condition, and you want to ensure that your child experiences opportunities in a way that is unique to them? 

…the support for your child is determined by the scarcity of resources or provisions? 

…having to continuously negotiate through, what is a process, to then discover that it can turn into a minefield very quickly?  

Are you ready to apply an alternative approach…

...that will provide insight into what is preventing you from feeling able to act independently to create possibilities on behalf of your child.


...that will provide you with a strategy that works towards goals that allow you to experience the love and freedom to make choices that will provide you with the deep understanding of how you wish to parent.


...that will encourage you with the confidence required to show up wholeheartedly and ensure that your child’s needs are represented. 


...where you will experience the efforts that you exert, and how it then allows you to move through setbacks, therefore keeping you on track.

- Simon Sinek

“When you have a clear destination, the obstacles become easier to overcome, when you do not have a clear destination, you come to a halt.”

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