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Our Founder


I am Brenda. I am here to support you acquire insight and resources needed to stay empowered, experience agency, choice and control when overseeing setbacks, as you thrive to access services that are compatible for your child’s needs. 


My experience

My experience consists of working within and alongside social services supporting children and families, a postgraduate in the field of psychology and most importantly a fellow parent. I know what goes on first-hand, from the emotional and procedural aspects, as well as and the realities of dealing with multiagency all at once. I am aware of the dynamics.


I get it! 


I recognised how many of us are engaged in the process, but not feeling empowered and/or find ourselves searching for options and solutions, nevertheless left feeling lost. 


Therefore, it is my aim to support you to explore your options, set goals, develop your skills to exert your influence and make connections to the circumstances you might find yourself in. 

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