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Discovery call

When you find yourself in a position where you are highly invested, it's challenging to make gratifying choices and decisions in those moments, a discovery call will give you a lot of clarity. 


Come on a free discovery call, where you will leave our conversation with a clear head on how you can move forward and create possibilities.

One to one mentoring

Having personalised support in relation to your current process permits you to acquire and implement strategies that will move you away from where you are to where you can exert your influence, identify where things could lead and choose how your child experiences their progress.


Online group workshops

Join this community of fellow parents living these collective experiences on this workshop.  Where you will receive insight that allows you to reflect on moving from where you currently are to where you see your situation being despite challenges, at the same time as advocating for your child.


You will discover how to succeed in managing unhelpful experiences and uncover ways of approaching situations head on. Altogether, leaving you with a sense of empowerment to act independently, to make choices and decisions that align with your values.

Coming Soon

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